Quarantine Must-Have: W. Dressroom Spray

How have your hygiene rituals changed since the start of the pandemic? For someone like me with a diagnosed anxiety disorder, quarantine has heightened my “hygiene theater” or the need to constantly sanitize exposed parts of your body and surfaces that you come in contact with, even if it’s mostly for a sense of security.

Each 70-ml bottle is ₱750, but you can get them for sale at Beauty MNL.

I have social distancing, mask-wearing, hand-washing, and hand sanitizing down pat, but what about the locations I frequent? I’ve seen households and business establishments spray a concoction of water and bleach into the air as a sanitation ritual. While bleach can kill germs and bacteria, spraying it into the air can cause respiratory issues. I also have six dogs and eight cats, so I don’t want them to inhale bleach fumes.

I’ve turned to a safer and better alternative—linen sprays. Used to freshen linens, clothing fabrics, and soft furnishings, the spray usually contains deionized water, alcohol, and a light scent that doesn’t overpower. My linen spray of choice—W. Dressroom.

This line of fragrances is designed by Choi Bumsuk of South Korea. They have dress scents, perfumes, diffusers, scented candles, and skincare products. Plus points for fans of K-Pop and K-Drama: His products are personally used by some of Korea’s top celebrities and have been featured in dramas like My Love From The Stars.

I’m stuck in the longest quarantine in the world (Hello, Philippines!), so aside from my stash of hand sanitizers and liquid soap, this highly anxious writer also carries a bottle of W. Dressroom Dress and Living Clear Perfume. I spray it on my clothes and linens, in my house, inside the car, and any area I visit after getting into proximity with other people—especially if they’re unmasked or half-masked. It’s a scent and sanitizer in one.

Their bestseller is No. 97 April Cotton, a fresh and clear scent used by Jungkook of BTS (that’s not him in the photo).

My top favorite scents from their dress perfume collection—No. 50 Green Apple and No. 97 April Cotton. The latter is personally used by Jungkook, one of my three BTS biases (next to Jin and Jimin).

What are your quarantine hygiene rituals?

Where to buy W. Dressroom:
Philippines: Beauty MNL (Catch the 11.11 sale!)
International: Amazon