Where to Buy Smudge Sticks in the Philippines

Whether you prefer calling it saging or smudging, the ritual of cleansing negative spaces has gained more attention in social media in the last year. It must be the uncertainties of the pandemic or the overall negativity brought about by humanity.

Smudge humor. Laugh with me.

A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs bound together by twine and is burned to ward off negative energy or cleanse a space. While smudging is considered a sacred practice for many Native American and indigenous cultures, we can also trace this practice to Filipino folk magic and footwork.

If you’re interested in smudging, here are some references for beginners:
How to Cleanse Your Space and Get Rid of Negative Energy,” Preview Magazine
Burning Plants and Herbs for Health,” Manila Times
Say Goodbye to 2020 With These Space-Cleansing And Mind-Refreshing Rituals,” Metro Style

In the time of the pandemic, I suggest purchasing from small businesses and those that truly understand this ritual. Here are some local shops that lovingly create or ethically source each stick.

1. The Sacred Smudge PH
Established in 2017, The Sacred Smudge is a small company that specializes in supplying white sage and palo santo. Order through their IG account or Beauty MNL.

2. Luna Brujeria
This store emits a mystical aura, thanks to their collection of smudge sticks, incense sticks, wiccan books, candles, and divination ingredients. Buy on Shopee or pre-order their tarot, oracle, and esoteric books through Instagram.

3. Kimi Lu’s Love and Light Store
I’ve worked with Reiki practitioner and life coach Kimi Lu on several professional and personal projects in the past. Her online shop, Kimi Lu’s Love and Light Store, sells items such as candles, sage sticks, oils, and scents curated by Kimi herself.

4. Flow Retreats
They’ve been organizing wellness events and retreats since 2009. Browse through their online shops (Shopee, Beauty MNL, IG, and their official website) for natural products such as candles and smudge sticks.


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5. Tres Brujas
Browsing through their IG feed gives me Hogwarts feels. They sell smudge sticks, elixirs, and incense cones. Buy per stick or get the smudge gift box sets, available on Instagram and Lazada.


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6. 5D Healing Crystals
While their IG feed showcases mostly crystals and gemstones, they also have smudge sets. Check out their showroom at Makati Cinema Square or shop at their website.

7. Deva Handicraft
They sell handmade accessories, like hanging diffusers, chakra bracelets, and pendants. As for smudge sticks, you may buy per piece or go for the boxed incense sticks and curated smudge kits. Available on Instagram, Lazada, and Shopee.

8. Akasha
This organic vegan shop sells soaps, candles, and smudge sticks that will be delivered to you in cute, eco-friendly packaging. Order via Instagram and Facebook.


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9. Sage Smudge Sticks PH
They source sage and palo santo sticks from the US, and you may purchase from Instagram or Lazada.

10. Diwata Vibe
The most colorful and Instagrammable of them all, Diwata’s sage sticks are so pretty you almost don’t want to burn them. Order their sets via Insgtagram.

11. Provenciana
When journalist Ces Drilon joined a natural perfumery class, she started creating beautiful smudge sticks for friends and decided it was time to turn it into a side business. Get your positivity boxes from provenciana.com.


Where do you get your smudge sticks? Share links in the comments section below.

First published: March 27, 2021
Updated on: September 30, 2021