Vlog Intro: Yay or Nay?

I remember the first time I paid to produce a vlog intro. It was back in 2018 before my trip to Europe. I wanted my vlog to look a little more professional with a 15-second intro. Loyal subscribers, remember this?

In the course of the year, I worked out and lost weight, felt that I no longer looked like the girl in the intro video, and succumbed to peer pressure by copying other more lucrative vloggers who no longer have intros.

I now realize that as a ’90s kid, I’ll always have a soft spot for show intros, whether it’s a sitcom or a talk show. In the world of vlogging, the top notchers are torn—half no longer use vlog intros, while the other side continues to use them. I’m going with the latter.

This time I’m using real scenes from my travels. Check it out:

Do you like it when vloggers include their signature intro at the beginning of each vlog?