I Found My TikTok Niche: Hello Kitty and Friends

I used to abhor TikTok. As a geriatric millennial, I would roll my eyes at TikTok influencers and the ridiculous videos that made them famous. And then one day I found myself spending hours on this controversial app. At first, I was just quietly browsing and liking, and then I soon found myself creating videos for fun. A have a few friends who have started monetizing their TikTok accounts, thanks to the tens to hundreds of thousands of followers they’ve amassed.

One of these friends told me that I should start finding my niche that will help monetize my account. I laughed at the idea, but I was curious—What is my TikTok niche?

For the uninitiated, a TikTok niche is what drives people to watch your videos and follow your account. Unless you’re an A-list celebrity to begin with, you can’t amass giant numbers by posting whatever floats your boat. Some of the top TikTok niches are—dancing (ex. Nianna Guerrero and AC Bonifacio), family comedy (ex. Tindall Triplets and The Mcfarlands), comedians with character creations (ex. Macoy Dubs’ Auntie Julie, Ashley Rivera’s Petra Mahalimuyak, and Rain Matienzo’s Conyo Girl), and voice actors (ex. Inka Magnaye and Justine Luzares). There are also thousands upon thousands of models, dogfluencers, singers, fitness gurus, fashion couples, and chefs. So where do I fit?

I tried everything and showed off all my talents—voiceovers, hair tutorials, acting, comedy, singing, traveling, and heck, even filming my dogs’ funny antics. At most I would get only 80 followers, with each post getting only 20 to 1,000 views, which in TikTok arithmetic means nothing.


One day I was organizing my quirks and had a eureka moment. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I have a section called “Quirks” where I show off my collection of ’80s-’90s gadgets, toys, stationery, and character souvenirs such as Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Harry Potter. These blog posts don’t get as many hits as my travel posts. Even when sharing them on Instagram and Facebook, they’re not hitting the stats I was hoping for. I decided, “Why not try TikTok?”

Last week I posted a random TikTok video of a Hello Kitty toy I got from 1991 (yes, vintage!). Days later, the video has 73,000 views and counting. I started posting more unboxing and toy videos from my collection of Hello Kitty, Sanrio, and other ’80s-90s characters.

@replikate Original #HelloKitty set from #1991 ♬ Ram Pam Pam – Natti Natasha & Becky G

It looks like I found my niche! I finally found a place to show-and-tell my quirks with fellow Sanrio geeks and vintage toy collectors.

Speaking of Sanrio, check out my latest YouTube video, where I unbox my newest toy from Mattel, the Hello Kitty and Friends Minis Carnival Pencil Playset:

So, what’s your TikTok algorithm like?