I went all-out Potterhead in Universal Studios Japan.

Dusting Off My Harry Potter Collection

‘Tis the season for Harry Potter. It’s three days before Halloween, and while there’s bound to be an abundance of costumes that will tell you which movies and Netflix series trended during the year (for 2021 I’m betting my wand it’s Squid Game and still Money Heist), there will always be the classics.

My most expensive Harry Potter purchase: Gryffindor robe, scarf, and necktie, plus a Luna Lovegood wand (I’ve been told I have her personality) from Universal Studios Japan, 2019

You’ll always have sexified [insert any character here], witches from every era, clowns upon clowns, and standard ghoulish or eccentric characters using whatever you were able to find in your closet or attic.

And then there’s the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Hogwarts characters went from trending in the mid to late noughties to a Halloween staple.

October is also the month I usually remember that I have a humble collection of Harry Potter memorabilia that I’ve collected since I read my first Harry Potter book in 2000, a little late in the game. My collection started as a little shrine (as one frenemy pointed out when she sneered at my desk circa 2001 for a study session).

As I got older and went through several other phases of character obsessions (Hello Kitty, Snoopy, etc.), my Harry Potter collectibles spread out in different sections of my house—at the back of the closet, inside dusty drawers, and on random parts of my bookshelf.

Dressed as Hermione Granger (with the wand of Luna Lovegood) in Universal Studio Japan’s “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

While my humble HP collection will probably not reach the TikTokable BTS Army levels, I have a few items that may delight Hogwarts fans.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” board game.
Sans the elusive golden snitch, I completed the limited edition Harry Potter “The Collector Stones” Series 1. No, you may not have one.

Harry Potter “The Hero Series” mini figurine with story scope. I bought these for sale at US$6.50 each. It’s now sold on Amazon and eBay for $20 each. I hope the value keeps increasing.
Harry Potter books. To the friend/relative who borrowed my book #1 and never returned it, I want it back!
Harry Potter stickers, circa 2001-2005
Some books I purchased before Harry Potter was adapted into movies

Harry Potter 2001 calendar
Another Harry Potter 2001 calendar

HP 2003 calendar with free stickers inside
Harry’s Life Mini Stamp Set and Story Scope

And while I’m separating my love for J.K. Rowling’s first book series from her not-so-lovable Twitter persona, my muggle heart will always have a special place for the boy who lived.

First Published: October 20, 2015
Updated: October 29, 2021

  1. Grabe Ms. Kate! i admire you talaga for collecting your fave thinga that makw you happy! And look at the joy this Harry Potter can bring on your face 💕💓 Pls continue to spread happiness and good vibes to us 💕💓❣️💞That is worth sharing 💕💓❣️💞

  2. I never been there and was stucked here hahahha. But you know, by reading and watching your blogs you took my heart already. Ikaw yung traveler na parang kasma talga huhu ’cause whenever you share your happiness,your experiences ,the way you from one distance to another,it’s refreshing,entertainig, and nakaka-enjoy tlga.So pls continue taking me out to somewhere I wanna go. hahahahahhaha Stay safe our pretty traveler💕💓

  3. Parang perfect panoorin lahat yung harry potter ngayon Christmas season? or ako lang ba??? okaaay im sold panoorin ko nga ulit. hehe :))

  4. Just like you, I entered Harry’s cupboard and rode the Hogwart’s Express a bit late. I only fell in love with this series and characters when my mom bought me a boxed set of HP 1-4 in 2004 or 2005. After that, I would save up for hardbound copies of the remaining books and would go for HP marathons during Christmas break.

    This series taught me a lot about friendship, courage, and leadership.

  5. Just waaaw. Dream ko rin maka.punta dyan. Medj potter head ako kasi napanood ko lahat ng movie pero di ko pa nabasa kahit isa! 🙁

  6. You look good here on your throwback photo hihi Up until now you still look adorable. I love how you share your happy experiences there. Thank you for the tour and showing your Harry Potter collections to us hihihi so interesting . Love it. 🥰

  7. another PotterHead here. 🙂 but i do not have a collection just like you do. i only watch every series of the movie and cried hardly for the last one. i really love Daniel since i was a child <3 let's watch the prequel of the story 🙂 have you been to platform 9 3/4? please post a blog about it once you do. kudos to you Miss Kate!

  8. I love Harry Potter. Watched all the movies and read all the books. Pero di ako nagcocollect, because wala akong space for it. I bought the books though. 😀 I admire your collection, ang dami! Dati dream ko magkaron ng collection ng something, like harry potter nga. Pero ayun, naginvest na lang ako sa makeup and cute novelty items. 😀

  9. This was my addiction! back when In my high school years. I used to collect HP notebooks and other stuff, but Draco Malfoy is my crush tho.hehehe… i miss this!

      1. Sadly, no, so I browsed it awhile ago.. And Neville really looks gorgeous, so handsome(kilig) but still a Big fan of Draco I love his eyes.. Wanna see them for real!!..hehe

  10. OH MY G! Grabe! So jelly! I was also a potterhead and i keep watching the series over and over again! Sadly, i wasn’t able to collect HP merch because you know, financial. Haha 🙂 But im so happy to know that Harry potter also has a place in your heart, like me ❤️

    1. I had more, but waited for the sale before buying them. I had other stickers and notepads but already used them up. My plan is to sell my collection online in case there’s a financial emergency, haha! 😉 Glad to know you’re a Potterhead as well!

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