A MacBook User Reviews the Mofii Mechanical Keyboard

I found myself in a black hole of all things cute and quirky (no surprise there) in TikTok. Remote working, a.k.a. working-from-home, has made me extra conscious about how my work area looks, especially since I’ve been doing a lot of live-streaming, vlogging, online events, and online meetings since the pandemic began.

One of the trending purchases that I fell for is the mechanical keyboard. Also known as clicky keyboards, they come in a variety of sizes, layouts, and colors guaranteed to fulfill two main things—satisfy your ASMR needs and make your desk look #aesthetic. If you click that hashtag on TikTok and Instagram, you’ll find a population of TikTokers who do nothing but unbox cute online purchases that in turn make the viewer want to have the exact same items on their desk, from neon LED signs (check!) to clicky keyboards (check!).

Mofii Honey BT Keyboard, ₱1,399, from Lazada

Clicky keyboards have trended since the beginning of the year, but it took me a while before purchasing a Mofii, one of the top brands that make these cute, mechanical keyboards. Why? As a loyal Mac girl, I couldn’t find any reliable Mac reviewer who could tell me what it’s really like to use a Mofii. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll know that Mac computers function differently from PCs, especially with the F keys. Most of the reviews focused on how cute and clicky the keyboards are. Thanks for stating the obvious, but how does it really work on a Mac?

That’s why I decided to film my own review of the Mofii Honey BT Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard.

If you’re a Mac user having second thoughts if the Mofii keyboard is a worthy purchase, I hope this video helped.

Want your own Mofii keyboard? Look for official distributors on Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon.

  1. Just in time! my friend was planning to buy a new keyboard I’ll share this with her. Thank you for sharing your honest review, Ms. Kate.

  2. Can resist how lovable this mechanical keyboards are.I’m eyeing for a blue one. my favorite. 💓💕❣️ But I have a lot of keyboards already. so should I collect? hahaha

  3. Wah I love the color! Just like you, Ms. Kate, tiktok influenced me to buy lovely things such as this mechanical keyboard.Nakakabudol eh hihihi. Since I’m also working at home since pandemic started, I used to invest on the things that I will use for a long period of time. And since we have a lot of similarities,I love cute and quirky things hahahaha .Now I have a metalcic keyboard with different lights and a mouse with changing colors too.

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