Planner mania! Which planner do you want?

BDJ 2022 Planners: Flip Through + Giveaway!

Can you believe 2021 is almost over? There’s nothing like seeing your favorite planners on the shelves of bookstores to remind you that the new year is coming. Always on top of the planner game in the Philippines is Viviamo Inc., the female-empowered company behind the bestselling Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, which is celebrating its 16th year.

While the BDJ Power Planner is the star of the show, they have plenty of other planners in their yearly collection, including the travel-themed Navi Planner, which I’ve been using for seven years now.

Watch my vlog for a flip through of the 2022 planners, plus classic notebooks and cute stationery from their shop.

Have you figured out which planner best suits your personality? Let’s take a look at this year’s collection.

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2022

A little backstory: When the coffee shop planner craze took over the Philippines in 2006, Dar Ty-Nilo couldn’t find a planner that suited her personality, so she created her own. The Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner was the first to introduce the concept of coupon booklets for planners. The rest, as they say, is history.

Planner mania! Which planner do you want?

This year’s theme is “I Am,” as BDJ invites you to tap into your inner wisdom and identity as a powerful, deliberate creator. There are five versions available, all using the vertical weekly format. Except for the Petit version, each planner version comes with a “Perks of a Bella” coupon booklet and magnetic bookmark, while the covers can be customized with your name for an extra ₱50.

For loyal BDJ users, you’ll still find your favorite pages there, such as the menstrual tracker, checklists, inspirational quotes, bills tracker, dream board, and fun worksheets.

Insider tip: Scan the monthly QR codes that will take you to exclusive content and fun activities at

The BDJ Classic Planner, ₱599, is hardbound and features the iconic Bella on the cover.
The BDJ Leather Planner, ₱699, has a soft cover and is lighter than the classic version. Eco warriors, don’t fret! It’s made of waterproof vegan leather.
The BDJ DiscBound Planner, ₱1,199, is double the price of the original planner because it has a gold disc binding and removable pages so that you can rearrange and customize your planner. Unlike other ring-bound planners, there’s no need to yank it open! Just lift a page right out or place it right back in.
The BDJ Limited Edition Planner, ₱599, features a holographic silver stamping on the hardbound cover.
The BDJ Petit Planner, ₱350, is the pocket-sized version with a zippered PVC cover that also serves as a keepsake sleeve. The pages feature monthly calendars, weekly layouts, and special pages for your notes and doodles. For this year’s scandi-inspired cover, you may choose between dark and light.

Navi Planner 2022

Say hello to my planner bias! I’ve been using the Navi for seven years now, and this year’s theme is: “magnificent staircases around the world,” which you’ll see from the cover design to the inside pages, including the monthly dividers that feature picturesque staircases from around the world. It has a horizontal weekly format, which is my personal preference for a planner. Bucket lists and checklist pages are there to help you map out your next adventure. There’s also a #travelcurious coupon booklet in the keepsake pocket. The cover can be customized with your name for an extra ₱50.

If you use your phone to scan the monthly QR code, it’ll take you on #ExperienceMore adventures around the world! For better effect, use this with the I Am Cardboard VR 2 Lite, which you can purchase from for ₱650.

Navi Planner, ₱599

Everything Is Possible 2022

Made for the goal-getter, the EIP has reflection pages, like a review of the year that was, My Gifts, and Wheel of My Life. There’s also a vision board, and lots of interactive pages dedicated to your goals. There are 12 monthly dividers with affirmations to keep you inspired. The weekly pages are vertical. The cover can be customized with your name for an extra ₱50.

Everything Is Possible, ₱599

Focus Journal 2022

If you need to tame the chaos in your workaday life, the Focus planner just might be for you. Each monthly divider features a power word designed with creative typography. You’ll find special pages such as “My Vision,” “Road to your best life” and a letter to 2022. The monthly calendars and boxed weekly pages are clutter-free. The cover can be customized with your name for an extra ₱50.

Essentials Planner

The minimalist of the bunch, the Essentials Planner is lightweight. Each weekly page has lightly dotted spaces, which is perfect for bullet journaling, list-taking, and doodling. The notebook cover can be customized with your name for an extra ₱50.

Essentials Planner, ₱420

Other Gift Ideas

Through the years, Viviamo has evolved into two main online shops—I Love BDJ and Crazy About Paper, where you’ll find not just journals, but un-dated notebooks and stationery, crafting materials, and collaborations with Filipino artists.

Some of my top picks are:

Dare To Be Cards

All in the name of fun and inspiration, Dare To Be Cards remind me of tarot cards, except that you don’t have to be a trained tarot reader and you can just pull out a card anytime you need a whiff of inspiration. For your daily dose of encouragement, pick from the three themes—Grateful, Courageous, and Creative.

Dare To Be Cards, ₱330 per box

Perpetual Calendar Pad

Here’s an alternative to notebook planners. The calendar pad is un-dated, so you can use it anytime and it doesn’t expire. You can turn it into a monthly or weekly calendar. And if you need an instant way to de-stress, grab your coloring pens or pencils and fill in the coloring page on top.

Calendar Pad, ₱165

Quest Journal

Another Viviamo item I’ve been using for years, the quest journal makes me feel like I’m Ernest Hemmingway whenever I take it with me on my travels. I doodle, write, and scrapbook while I’m on the train or plane en route to my next destination.

It comes in various sizes—from pocket-sized small to extra large. Each year they release new colors. This year’s standout hues are metallics, aquamarine, and holo. You can purchase refill notebooks anytime—grid-style, dotted, or plain. The cover can be customized with your name, mantra, or quote for an extra ₱50.

Quest journal, ₱299 (mini cover), ₱640 (travel), ₱699 (5.61 x 8.26 inches), and ₱999 (A4)

The Viviamo 2022 planners are available at all leading bookstores nationwide. For bulk deals and discounts, purchase from and Use my coupon code VIVIHOLIDAYS2021 to get a 10% discount upon checkout. They’re also available on Shopee.

Planner Giveaway

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Good luck!

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  2. Thank you sharing your product review Ms. Kate, I get to know more about Viviamo products and what suits my planning needs 😁

  3. Just this year BDJ Planner was introduced to me during the #YouGotThis 2021 Summit and I’m really now a fan of their planner just imagine how essential it is to keep track on your dreams and goal despite the uncertainties.

  4. When you are giving away your bias planner Navi ! You’re so sweet and generous Ms. Kate 💕💓 I also love this Navi planner too ’cause it is so organize and enjoyable to use. Say YES to navi and NO cp notes. hehehehe. Thank you for sharing Ms. Kate. Lovelots 💓💕💞❣️

  5. The year theme really captured my heart 💓💕 BDJ Planner always reminds us to be more motivated and creative. Let’s unleash and tap into our inner wisdom and identity as a powerful, deliberate creator. 2021 is fast-approaching and get those plans happened. 💓💕💞❣️

  6. dec 10 na tom!!! super excited for this giveaway! sana talaga miss kate!!!! huhu ang ganda kasi talaga ng BDJ PRODCUTS swear meron ako bdj planner 2021 like ughh-GANDA!!!

  7. na iimagine ko na sarili ko nag susulat sa planner ng bdj. huhuh excited for this!!! sana sana sana maka jackpot! merry talaga ang Christmas ko nito at ofc share ko sa sister ko para 2 kami merry! 🙂

  8. I only started using the BDJ planner last year and it really helped me in my work in terms of scheduling and in organizing my to-do lists. I actually regret not buying a BDJ planner early on. I bet I would have learned the skill of goal setting and planning earlier if I have used the BDJ planner 16 years ago.

  9. This year’s BDJ Journal is much more prettier! Really love them, especially the discbound planner <3

  10. I’ve been busy for a while due to workloads, and I’m not here again because of giveaway, and all.I’m your number one supporter and I love to read your reviews,everything about your blogs,and everything about you.Hihi. Hope to see u in person ate Kate 🥰

  11. Thank you Ms. Kate for introducing BDJ planners to us. I love how you describe the products! Every details are worth to read.I just use a regular notepad/notebook to write my plan for everyday but guess what, because of you and because of this wonderful reviews of yours, you made me want it! You’re one if my inspiration, you know that! 🥰

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