This restaurant used to be a family's vacation home.

New Hidden Resto: My Country House Tagaytay

There’s a new hidden restaurant that’s worth the long drive to Tagaytay—My Country House. It’s managed by the Raintree Hospitality Group, the makers of popular restos such as Jones All Day, Saboten, Providore, Chotto Matte, and Farmer’s Table, where this new resto sits right next to.

Blogger Kate Alvarez holding coffee drink at the bar of My Country House Tagaytay
Get your tipple from My Country House Tagaytay’s bar.

Dining interiors of My Country House Tagaytay
My Country House Tagaytay, right next to Farmer’s Table

This place used to be a family vacation home. In 2022, after the homeowners experienced eating at Farmer’s Table next door, they reached out to the Wisniewski Family (founders of the Raintree Hospitality Group), who helped transform the home into a 130-seater restaurant with an outdoor terrace and sprawling garden.

“As soon as I saw the video of the home, I said ‘done’,” Raintree VP Martin Wisniewski told “This is a dream project for us.” My Country House Tagaytay officially opened in March 2023.

Blogger Kate Alvarez eating a feast at the dining table of My Country House Tagaytay
Kate was here.
Outdoor garden of My Country House Tagaytay
This restaurant used to be a family’s vacation home.

The experience for this writer was dream-like indeed, as My Country House Tagaytay evokes childhood memories of eating in your grandmother’s home, where everything is slow-cooked and lovingly prepared, with fresh herbs picked right from her garden. When you’ve had your fill of grandma’s cooking, you’re free to run amok and explore the nooks and crannies of her garden.

Kate Alvarez sunning at the garden of My Country House Tagaytay
Their sprawling garden is Instagram-ready.

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The kitchen, headed by Executive Chef Arnold Gozon, features a menu of refined country cuisine and heirloom recipes. Top dishes include the Sunday Pochero, a favorite of both the chef’s family as well as the Wisniewskis; My Country House’s answer to Tagaytay’s ubiquitous bulalo, which has falling-off-the-bone beef shank and oxtail, Spanish chorizo, chicken, chickpeas, carrots, plantains, cabbage, and choi sum, all cooked and served in a rich bone broth; and Country Chicken Relleno, which reimagines the classic chicken galantina—boneless half-chicken stuffed with local sausages, seasoned ground pork, olives, pimento, and various herbs and spices, before being sliced and served with au jus.

Spread of My Country House Tagaytay's bestselling dishes
My Country House Tagaytay’s menu features a mix of Filipino heirloom recipes, European fare, and popular American dishes. Photo by Ching Dee, courtesy of MG Asia PR.

Al fresco dining area of My Country House Tagaytay
The interiors are filled with tropical inspirations.

“We based our menu on the traditional way of cooking,” Chef Gozon told “Longer cooking time for intense flavor.”

As for my favorite entrée everywhere I travel—salmon, their version’s called Chef’s Famous Melting Salmon, served Asian style with herb relish and sweet red and white miso sauce. To see the dishes my mother and I sampled—from appetizers to desserts—watch my vlog. To view the full menu with prices, visit My Country House’s Facebook page.

As with all Raintree spots that give you the full dining experience, My Country House has a liquor bar, bread bar, dessert display, and souvenir stands, where you can purchase pastries, bottled goods, and plants for your own garden goals back home.


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And just like your beloved grandma’s home, you’re free to explore the garden, which doubles as a venue for special events. If your run into tiny clucking creatures that look like fluffy dogs from afar, they’re the official mascots—American silkie chickens named Ike, Tina, and Gonzo, who have become Instagram stars.

My Country House is located at 115 Pulong Sagingan Street, Brgy. Maitim, 2nd West, Tagaytay City. Open daily from 7am to 10pm.