Bangkok Travel Souvenir: Personalized Passport Holder

When it comes to souvenir shopping, it all boils down to the taste, budget, and luggage space of the traveler. Some people loathe keychains, while others collect them. Some people allot a second checked-in suitcase for shopping; others are happy with buying just one magnet.

When in Bangkok, there’s an insane selection of souvenirs for you to choose from. In case you’re overwhelmed, here’s one that stood out for me during my last trip there:

Personalized leather goods.

hand holding wallet with store display
Choose from passport holders, luggage tags, wallets, key chains, purses, and other synthetic leather goods to personalize.

In almost every mall and market in Bangkok, you’ll find a retail kiosk with a colorful display of passport holders, luggage tags, wallets, keychains, card holders, coin purses, and other leather goods—synthetic leather, that is. On the table, you’ll see oodles of trinkets or metal charms organized per design.

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First, choose your leather item and color. Next, choose your charm. You’ll find everything from travel-themed (plane, bike, car, sun) to hobby-themed (guitar, pet, shoes, musical note). Then choose the leather strap color where your name will be engraved.

Arrange the charms on your leather item (ex. passport holder, which is the bestseller). Secure them temporarily with tape, which is provided on the crafting table. Also, tape the leather strap to where you want your name to be placed. Write your name on a piece of paper and hand everything to the salesperson, who doubles as the crafter.

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Come back later when it’s done or stay to watch the crafter arrange, glue, engrave, and hammer your personalized souvenir. Watching it unfold is part of the fun.

The price ranges, depending on the item and shop location. It’s about ฿100-120 for the passport holder. The leather strap with the name is free. The charms are ฿10 each. Some shops give two free charms, and then ฿10 for each additional charm.


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You’ll see an influx of foreign tourists excitedly choosing their trinkets in these kiosks, with the passport holder as the most popular pick. I don’t particularly like passport holders, so I chose the wallet for myself. For my friends and family, I purchased passport holders.

Note that these shops aren’t unique. I’ve spotted them in bazaars and online shops in Manila. But they sure make great souvenirs and pasalubong (gifts) whatever country you’re returning to.

What souvenirs do you collect?