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Timberland Mountain Bike Park Unveils In Rizal

Mountain bikers in Manila and beyond, there’s a new spot where you can play. After more than seven years of planning, Timberland Mountain Bike Park in San Mateo, Rizal, finally opened to the mountain biking community of the Philippines.

Girl standing in front of trail map
Kate was here. Timberland Mountain Bike Park finally opened to the public on February 16, 2024.

This isn’t your average recreational park. Timberland Mountain Bike Park was inspired by the world-class European mountain bike parks explored by the four friends behind this project—Agu Paiso, Toby Claudio, Edmund Mangaser, and Victor Paterno of Trail Solutions.

Backstory: In 1996, Edmund started exploring this area in Maarat, San Mateo. His fellow riders would frequent the trails, which back then were mostly footpaths and nothing purposely built for riding. Edmund, Agu, Toby, and Victor formed Trail Solutions with a vision to build trails that follow the best practices in design and sustainability for mountain bikers in the Philippines.

Two people posing with a mountain bike
Checking out the bike trails with Toby Claudio, one of the founders of Trail Solutions

In 2016 they submitted a proposal to Filinvest Land to develop the existing trails in San Mateo and build new ones. The park was scheduled to open in February 2020, but as we all know, the pandemic halted life. Fast-forward to the post pandemic and they teamed up with Chroma Hospitality and Timberland Highlands Resort, making Timberland Mountain Bike Park one of the resort’s outdoor amenities.

I was at the dry run of Timberland Mountain Bike Park (TMBP) in November 2023, and back again this February for the press preview and official launch. I’m happy to report that this mountain bike park delivers its promise of providing a high-caliber playground for mountain biking enthusiasts and professionals of all levels. Set against the breathtaking mountains of San Mateo, Rizal, TMBP has meticulously designed trails and state-of-the-art features.

Facade of hotel office
Timberland Mountain Bike Park (TMBP) office in Timberland Highlands Resort

Baker J Opens New Branch at Timberland Highlands Resort

I gathered this list of FAQs to help you plan your trip:

What’s the park schedule?
Timberland Mountain Bike Park is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 7am-4pm (last entry at 1pm).

How much is the ticket and where can I purchase?
A day pass is priced at ₱550 net per rider. You may register through the app, Timberland Mountain Bike Park, from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You may also register over the counter at the TMBP office, located in Timberland Highlands Resort. Riders are required to fill up and sign a waiver before purchasing a day pass. Riders will be issued a wrist tag for the day. This means you can enter and exit Timberland Mountain Bike Park several times within the day. The day pass also includes personal accident insurance.

You may just walk in for the day pass, or better yet, book an overnight stay in Timberland Highlands Resort and make it a staycation.

The Filipino mountain biking community may know Agu Paiso (right) as one of the brains behind Trail Solutions and TMBP, but he’ll always be my “Men’s Health” Editor-in-Chief and “T3 Magazine” Associate Editor. Fun fact: We worked full-time in Summit Media in another life.

What’s the minimum age to ride in TMBP?
The minimum age for a rider is 16 years old. Riders 16-17 years old need to be accompanied by an adult guardian or parent. All riders must sign a waiver upon registration.

What types of trails are there?
TMBP accommodates riders of different skill levels. They have trail ratings relevant to the riders’ skill level, with corresponding color codes. White trails are for novice riders. Green trails are for intermediate riders. Blue trails are for advanced riders. Black trails are for expert riders. Beginners must practice at the Skills Zone before doing any of the blue or black trails. Please ride within your ability.

What should gear should I wear when riding?
A certified MTB helmet is a must. Comfortable (or technical) cycling apparel, gloves, protective eyewear, and closed riding shoes are recommended. Hydration (either water bottles or hydration packs), along with a multitool, tire levers, spare tube, and an inflation system (pump) are also a standard loadouts for a trail ride.


Mountain bikers going around a trail
The Launch Pad

What bike should I use?
They recommend, at the very least, a hardtail MTB with at least 100mm of front suspension, and knobby tires that are 2.0 inches wide or wider. A dropper post is also helpful in technical sections.

Can I use other kinds of bike like, gravel bike or cyclocross bike?
While you certainly can use these bikes on the trails, these are not ideal, especially from a safety standpoint. Different traction levels and braking characteristics may make the trails especially challenging. Also keep in mind that you will be sharing the trails with other riders. Safety is everybody’s responsibility.

Mountain bikers
The Skills Zone, where beginners may practice before moving on to more challenging trails

Can I use an e-MTB?
Yes, pedal assist e-MTBs are allowed, but throttle-based electric bikes are not.

May I bring my children or trail dog?
From TMBP: “As much as we love our four-legged furry friends, the safety of all riders is our prime consideration, so for now pets are not allowed inside the Park.” Children below 16 are also not allowed.

Refreshment area. You may also exit the park to eat at the resort and then come back as many times as you want within the operating hours.

Can I run or hike on the trails?
TMBP was designed for mountain bikes. The features and flow of the trails are optimized for mountain biking. TMBP is exclusive to mountain bikes. Trail runners and hikers are not allowed on the trails.

What’s the total mileage of the trails?
For now, TMBP has around 12km of purpose-built mountain bike trails. Note that some trails, particularly Bill & Ted, are used to loop back to the start, so your potential ride mileage may vary.

Park ranger standing in front of map
Agu Paiso of Trail Solutions explains the rules, regulations, and park map to the media and event guests. The trails are named after ’90s and early aughts movies such as Groundhog Day and Fifty First Dates.

Can I ride the trails at night?
Night riding is not allowed. The cutoff for entry during the afternoon is 1pm, and the park closes at 4pm. All riders must exit the park at 4pm. The bike park patrol will ensure that everybody complies.

Can I exit the park, have a snack at the resort, and then come back?
Yes! The day pass entitles you to enter and exit the park multiple times within park operating hours. But TMPB has its own snack stop in case you need refreshments in the middle of your adventure.

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Park signs that say "Skills Zone" and "In Case of Emergency."
The park is full of signs and park rangers to help you as needed.

What if I get lost on the trail?
The trails in TMBP all flow in one direction, and any forks are clearly marked with indicators. The park also has an extensive signage system which makes navigation intuitive.

Can I ride alone?
Yes, you can, but, mountain biking is more fun with friends.

Timberland Mountain Bike Park is set against the breathtaking mountains of San Mateo, Rizal. L-R: Model-actress Angela Trajano, yours truly, Letishia Peter of Chroma Hospitality, and actor Genesis Redido at the soft opening of the park last year.

How safe is the bike park?
Their park patrols are certified first aiders and mountain bikers. The park was also designed to reduce risk. In case of an emergency, they have first aid responders, check-up spots, an ambulance, and clinic.

How do I exit the park?
From Launch Pad, head to Skills Zone via Fifty First Dates or Ground Hog Day. After the last berm of either trail you will see a sign on your right that says Park Exit Trail.

Do you have bike rental services?
It’s part of the long-term plan. But for now, bike rental is not yet available.

Do you have bike wash services?
Yes. There are coin-operated self-service bike wash stations at the lower lobby of Timberland Highlands Resort, and also at parking lot 5.

Where do I park my car?
When you enter Timberland Highlands Resort, parking lots 4 and 5 are exclusive for TMBP riders. The guard at the entrance will help you.

Trail runners and hikers are not allowed on the trails, but the media and guests were temporarily allowed to explore this area for the press launch.

Do you offer season passes?
Visit the TMBP office or the Timberland Highlands Resort lobby and ask about their peak plans of ₱12,000 per year.

Does the resort offer room packages that include park access?
Not yet, but it’s part of the long-term plan.

Timberland Mountain Bike Park and Timberland Highlands Resort are located at Barangay Guitnang Bayan II, San Mateo, Rizal 1850 Philippines. Book via Agoda or Booking.

For more info, visit Ride Timberland and Timberland Highlands Resort on Instagram.