Girl with curly hair in clear kayak boat
Thank you, Sigbin Boys 2.0!

Is The Boracay Crystal Kayak Photo Shoot Worth It?

I’ve been seeing this in Boracay since 2022, the era of post-pandemic travel: women of all ages, shapes, and sizes in their best swimsuits or sundresses, posing like a Victoria’s Secret model on a clear kayak in the clear waters of Boracay. The photographer: one of the island’s “Kuya” boatmen or tour guides, happily guiding each pose, using your phone to take dozens of photos. I’ve seen countless friends post their final shots on Instagram; it could rival a fashion magazine spread.

Girl with big hat in clear kayak boat
Tip: Bring a prop, like a hat, for options.

On my last-minute Boracay trip this month, I finally gave in. My friends and I booked the famous Boracay Crystal Kayak Photo Shoot. The rate started at ₱350 per person, and after haggling we got it down to just ₱200 per person, but that’s because five of us got one photo shoot each, and we booked the same team for a snorkeling tour.

Girl with big hat in clear kayak boat
One of the outtakes of my Boracay crystal kayak photo shoot

My verdict: 100% recommended, or as Gen Z puts it, “Bet!”


1. If you’re a planner, you can book this ahead via Klook for almost the same price. Use my discount code REPLIKATE for 5% off.

2. If you prefer booking in person, you’ll find them in different spots in Stations 1-3 of White Beach. Just look for the parked crystal kayaks on the beach.

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Girl with curly hair in clear kayak boat
Kate was here.

3. But if you want the best backdrop with no photo bombers or ogglers, look for the OG, the first group of Kuyas who came up with this business idea: Sigbin Boys 2.0. Look for my curly bro and their pack leader, Felix. They’ll meet you in one of the secret beaches of Boracay, Puca Beach, where the turquoise waters and limestone rock formations make a better backdrop than the crowded White Beach.

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4. You don’t have to be in a bikini, but hey, YOLO! Whatever your size and shape, Kuya will help you pose and find your most flattering angles. As every Pinay, myself included, has asked the kuyas, “Papayatin mo ako, ha!” (Make me look slimmer!)

Girl with curly hair in clear kayak boat
Thank you, Sigbin Boys 2.0!

5. Choose your outfit colors wisely. Consider nature’s color scheme. Are you trying to blend in or stand out?

6. You’ll probably end up with similar poses that you’ve already seen on IG, so if you want your photos to look a bit different, bring a prop or two. I brought my Mother of All Hats.



7. Schedule this on a sunny day for great lighting. Do it before all your other water activities to look your best. My shoot was at around 2pm.

8. Each session lasts about 15-30 minutes, depending on how far your kayak goes into the water.

I can’t believe I kept turning my nose up at this opportunity when I could have done it back in 2022 when my clothes fit a little better. Oh well, Kuya did a great job nonetheless. Now go book your own Boracay crystal kayak photo shoot!