5 Tips For Packing a Weekend Toiletry Kit

It took me years of trial and error to master the art of packing a light toiletry kit. My travel toiletry bag often took up a huge space in my luggage. I always thought that it would get lighter after using the products during my trip, but I found that the containers weighed practically the same on my way home.

For my trip to Talim Island, I challenged myself to pack a light toiletry kit with more than just the basic vanity essentials. Here’s what I came up with:

ond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel (10g), elastic headband, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder, Hygienix Hand Gel, Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless! Oxygen Wow Foundation (sample size), Coco Body Virgin Coconut Lip Butter, Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner in Black #01, Canmake Powdery Brow Pencil, Pixy Blush On in Carnation Bloom, Carmen Cosmetics Lipstick in Jailbird, Bioderma samplers (Soothing Purifying Cream, Photoderm Max SPF 100, Eye Contour Gel), Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydration Lotion (sample size), contacts case, toothpaste (free from hotel), contact lens cleaner (in reusable, refillable container), MoskiShield insect repellant stickers, Céleteque Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, hair clamp, hair tie, Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wash (60ml), Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar (sample size), Nivea Anti-Perspirant (35ml), Kracie Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner (sachets), and travel pill case

Total weight of my beauty essentials plus the cloth travel bag I got from L’Occitane is 1.4 pounds! That’s less than my target goal of 2 lbs. Good job, vain me!


1. Avoid retail travel sets for short trips. Many “travel sized” containers are still too big for a weekend. I used to lug those Victoria’s Secret travel sets and noticed it would take many more weekend trips before I used up the whole bottle.

2. Use sachets and sample sizes. As a beauty editor and journalist, I get a lot of loot bags from events and free samples from beauty brands. I keep them all in a box labeled, “For Travel” and grab them for short trips. Do you get free samplers from magazine pages, mall trips, and events? Use them for traveling. Just make sure you dispose of them properly. The last thing you want is to see plastic sachets floating in the ocean.

3. Fill your own. Buy DIY reusable bottles and fill them with your favorite products, as long as you don’t mind taking back those empty containers home.

4. Use multi-purpose products to keep you from lugging too many items. I bring one makeup product that I can use as both eyeshadow and blush, an all-in-one booboo cream, a good coverage foundation that can work as concealer, and SPF that works on both the face and body.

5. See what you can temporarily live without. I noticed that I often don’t use 1/4 of the items I pack, like my small bottle of perfume. When your itinerary is packed, you’ll be surprised to see that there are vanity products you can forget about for a weekend.

What do you pack in your weekend toiletry kit?

October 6, 2015

  1. Great tips! I love sachets too but sometimes I hate when it spills out in my bag. Hehe. That’s why I stick to minis. What in my kit are: my meds, baby powder, my fave nude/pink lipstick, wipes, alcohol,toothbrush,toothpaste,candy,vicks and napkin:) in case of emergency:)

  2. Super nice tips! Will take note of that. I also bring sachets instead of small bottles. Sa ngayon, I have enough sachets to have a month trip. 🙂 pati toothpaste sachet lang. Perfume, I got this slim spray na nakuha ko as free sa pabango din, yun yung dinadala ko. Makeup, I still bring a lot. Like 2-3 shades of lipstick, 1 small eyeshadow palette, 2 eyeliner. Sometimes di ko nagagamit. So I’ll try to lessen that. 😀

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